Chaos: The Precursor to an Authoritarian State?

By Nelson E. Santiago

For those who are willing to study history and systems of government, there can be seen signs of an authoritarian government coming. It starts first with the changing of laws to “protect” the people from a perceived or true threat. People will chose to give up some freedoms in order to preserve order and safety for what appears to be the greater good and safety of society.

In the United States, our willingness to allow foreign nationals to exercise the freedom to participate in the benefits of a free, open, and entrepreneurial society has caused an imbalance of social burdens on some of the States in our Union. The federal government’s unwillingness to recognize or to compensate those states for the financial burden and instability caused by the lack of federal intervention has caused some states to want to create their own laws to prevent the chaos and consequences of an uncontrolled border.
Stricter enforcement of current laws already on the books by either the State or the Federal government could be seen as leading toward a “soft totalitarianism”. Yet, enforcement by no government entity, could lead to the cycle of chaos and chaos to the strong desire for order by citizens desiring the peaceful functioning of society, creating an even greater probability of a harsher environment of enforcement.

If the federal government refuses to enforce its present laws and a State government in a Federalist system has “States rights” and responsibilities to protect its citizens, how can the issue be resolved for the benefit of all citizens as well as immigrants crossing our borders? Suggestions anyone?


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