Consider the Plight of the Immigrant

Since the 2008 Presidential elections immigration reform has been a hot political issue in Congress. Many Americans today are asking the question; Why do so many Mexicans, and for that matter many others from Latin America, come to the U.S. illegally? According to a study by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, “Mexicans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the direction of their country.” So, what would you do if your country tilted out of whack? The following statistics from the same study note some disadvantages for those immigrating to the U.S.:

1. – 81% of Mexicans attribute their dissatisfaction to crime.
2. – 75% to economic problems.
3. – 73% say illegal drugs are the problem,
4. – And, 68% attribute corruption in government as the source of their woes.

Inept and corrupt governments are somewhat responsible for opening the floodgates of illegal immigration, from a regretful economy, an out of control crime wave, and illegal drug trafficking flourishing nationwide in Mexico, no wonder people are eager to leave their home-front.

If we, as Americans, fail to help Mexico stabilize their country, we will continue to see the endless stream of Mexicans crossing the border seeking refuge in the land of the free. So before we bring the hammer of judgement down upon those seeking a better life, let’s pause and consider their plight.

So, what solutions can we offer those “on the other side” to secure their country, spur economic growth, and ensure justice for all Mexicans?

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2 comments on “Consider the Plight of the Immigrant

  1. Nelson E. Santiago says:

    While the statistics may in fact be true regarding the Mexican immigrant population here or those in Mexico, the question as posed only offers an opportunity to open a false debate. Why?

    First, let me state a principle from the wisdom of Solomon: “He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God”. The statistics quoted clearly show us the Mexican government itself oppresses their populace, especially the poor. Most Americans, have embraced immigrants and have turned a blind eye to those here undocumented and we have supported the Mexican immigrants with jobs, services and a justice system they are denied in their own country. If it were not so, 12 million would not be here. The numbers speak for themselves. We are much better friends to Mexico than they are to us.

    Secondly, regardless of the solutions Americans may come up with, (even if they are valid) we have no authority to implement them in Mexico. As a matter of fact, our own government is fighting the rights of States that want to protect their own borders from the unintended economic consequences illegal immigration imposes upon our own populations. Mexico is joining our government in a legal battle against our own citizens. Think about the implications of that fact. If our own government will not allow Americans in individual States to implement solutions the majority of people want in individual states, how, as the question suggests, can we come up with solutions for Mexico? Mexico is a sovereign government as are we. Yet we are allowing another government to dictate to us how we are to take care of their citizens who are clearly here illegally and not allow to be discussed Mexico’s own culpability in creating this situation. This is madness.

    Thirdly, the very fact that President Obama had to use deceptive means to frame the immigration debate on July 1 is disturbing. His inferences to the Arizona law SB1070 and what it can and cannot allow, does not take into account that the Federal statute is even more strict than the Arizona law but the Federal government simply refuses to enforce it! This is a clear omission of the facts making it appear his government is the good guy by refusing to enforce the Federal immigration statute. This is pure deception! Unfortunately, the President appears to be subliminally begging the question…”Does the Federal immigration law really say that?” It’s like the serpent asking Eve; “Did God really say that?” If you don’t believe me, please view the speech for yourselves. His omissions were glaring and strategic.

    Last week when President Obama addressed immigration reform in the speech given at American University, I watched the entire speech and I was thankful I was informed enough to see through the deception and his attempt to revise history. I thought for a moment, is it just me? Have I grown so biased against this administration’s attempts to persuade us big government has “the answer” that I cannot see an honest attempt by the President to try to form a bi-partisan approach to the challenges we face concerning immigration reform? I did not have to wait long to see that many others with very substantial political and research credentials observed President Obama’s greatest gift to the American people is indeed his ability to artfully deceive through subtle misinformation and revisionist history.

    If you don’t believe me, let’s just start with his introduction by Bill Hybels, the renowned pastor from Willow Creek Church in Chicago. Purely Christian stage drama to lend a much needed legitimacy to what Obama was about to say for the “Christian community”. I mean this was just over the top. I happen to like Bill Hybels very much and I wondered if he had read the speech beforehand or if he even knew enough about the “political facts” to say, “I don’t feel comfortable appearing to agree with your position on parts of the speech simply based on factually incorrect sentences”. But, hey, what Pastor is going to say no to The President, right? Well, except maybe, John Hagee because of Obama’s new Israeli policies. Tough call for Hybels, I forgive the guy. But I digress.

    Nevertheless, I could not believe the President’s heart wrenching portrayal of Emma Lazarus’s poem on the Statue of Liberty. It was masterful, except, when he clearly put the cart before the horse in that the poem was not written before the statue was built, it was after. He almost makes it appear she was part of the entire sculpture process. Pure emotionalism and factually incorrect. No wonder he had a Pastor introduce him. It was the only way he could get away with “evangelistical elasticity” also known as pure hyperbole to our secularist friends.

    His continually choosing to blame Republicans for preventing a comprehensive reform debate is…shall I say it of the President, yes, a total fabrication of the facts but masterful at creating the perfect example of “perception is reality” in politics. He refused to state that there are some Democrats that are now in opposition that were part of that “early coalition” of 11 Senators he mentioned. In addition, he conveniently forgot to remind us, legislative bills of this magnitude usually start in the House and it was the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, that set the agenda for him and immigration reform was simply too difficult in an election year for the Democrats to take a hit for wanting near total amnesty. Just another small sin of omission he has yet to publically repent for. But hey, he is the President.

    I am willing to give the President his kudos for attempting to state some of the great challenges we must face in dealing with immigration reform, however, this was clearly a political chess move on the part of the President. He is trying to reframe the debate by arguing the debate on his own terms, using his own facts, and creating false premises for the arguments so that he does not have to secure the border before the immigration debate can begin. That is not being Presidential, that is being deceptive. This is pure Machiavelli but without arms. Let’s just call it what it is; we are being asked to bite his apple so that he can tell us what the immigration law “really means”. Then we will be enlightened and have the knowledge between good and evil immigration law. This is pure, blatant “Gnosticism”. He is enlightened with “special knowledge”. We mere mortals are not. Please.

    So in answer to the question, “What solutions can we offer those “on the other side” to secure their country, spur on economic growth, and ensure justice for all Mexicans? Our President tells us we as citizens have no authority to implement any type of solutions, even if they work, unless he says we can. In the mean time our advice to Mexican citizens should be the same advice we should have for our own citizens. First, pray earnestly for our leaders to rule righteously. Then rise up, and take back your country! And while we are doing it remember: “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people”. Both nations are reaping what we have sown. Sow a seed, a harvest follows. If we want a different harvest, we need to sow different seeds and framing the immigration argument through the deception of the law will not yield the kind of harvest needed for both countries. God help both countries.

  2. El Gallo says:

    The question posed here is a valid look at the broader issues involved with illegal immigration. When considering what the US can do to ease the problems in Mexico, it is important to take in all that the US does to create the problems in the first place.

    The US has some big-shouldered traits when it comes to foreign policy, trade, agriculture, etc. Mexico has suffered from these traits and her people have sought relief at the source. As they say “the chickens have come home to roost.” Whine all you want-The US started it.

    Next come the unofficial sanctions that impact Mexico and her citizens: Crime and drug related crime. Crime is the brother of poverty and poverty is partly addressed in the above paragraph. Eliminate the one -sided relationship dealings between the US and Mexico and some of the poverty issues can be resolved. Next, the drug issues are even easier to handle. Drug trafficking, drug crime and the powerful drug cartels poisoning both sides of the border can be resolved with two simple steps on the part of every US citizen. One, stop doing drugs, and, two, get up from your computer and go to your kids of all ages and tell them to stop, be willing to enforce your words with all necessary actions.

    C’mon… these drug lords aren’t making, delivering and using all this stuff! Millions of US citizens are-and have always been-the only reason for the drug trade. Supply and demand, for all of you government and economic whizzes out there, is the factor here. The US abundantly fills the Demand role. Just because the stains have faded from your fingertips since those old days doesn’t mean you haven’t contributed to today’s problems.

    The United States has become complacent in her sins and is all too willing to hoist the weight of those sins on someone else. For decades the US has abused drugs on a massive scale, funneling billions of dollars into the wrong hands, while complaining about the loss of low paying jobs here. Cut off the demand and ruin the day of every drug cartel all the way to Tierra Del Fuego.

    In the meantime, simply be willing to exact on yourselves and your own children the privations you’d recommend for the immigrant. He’s here because of you. Disingenuous references to Scripture and looking down on our poor brother won’t cut us off from the effects of our causes and it won’t cut it with a Holy God.

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