Walk Around the Elephant

When you think of an elephant what’s the first impression or thoughts that come to mind? My sense is something that is big, heavy, slow, rugged and wrinkled. These characteristics remind of me middle to old age, would you agree? You know that place around our mid-fifties or so. Yes, I’m approaching the spot. I just couldn’t resist talking about this unpopular subject as we transition onto another year. Actually, old age shows up quite earlier than you and I would like to acknowledge. I remember turning forty years old, and soon after my daughter looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes. I asked, “What’s wrong?” She responded, “It’s sad to see you aging, dad.” That was the first time someone made reference to my aging.

So what’s the big deal about aging anyway? There must be a time in life when reality sets in and we come to grips that life is ebbing away faster than we like to acknowledge. In other words, the life we got left is a lot shorter than the life we’ve already lived, and concede, “Wow, life has brushed by so fast. The rest must go faster.” So instead of living, we pause for a moment to consider death’s approach. Let’s just make sure we don’t stay there for too long.

So how does one handle the aging blues? Some people spend lots of money making themselves look younger but they still can’t change their aging problem. “Facts are stubborn things” one once quipped. So I’ve come to a simple conclusion – walk around the elephant. We can’t avoid aging, the sag and wrinkles, but we can still enjoy life in every precious moment of each day.


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