Nevada, Are You #Ready4Reform? by Kathia Pereira

On Monday and Tuesday (10/28-10/29) more than 600 conservative leaders showed up at the doors of our House Representatives to urge them to pass Immigration Reform Legislation. A very important move from the conservative leadership of this country who decided to speak up on behalf of those who have no voice because they are undocumented.

The big push for immigration reform began not only for the cry of legalizing more than 11 million undocumented individuals currently living inside the U.S. but also for legislation that will improve the current broken immigration system. Specifically, our conservative leadership asked for agricultural visas, general skill visas, and high skill visas for professionals and secure borders that will allow us the certainty of knowing who is living inside the U.S.

Nevada was represented by many sectors of our population, from the food industry to medical and high tech. Most importantly, faith leaders represented Nevada from the Evangelical churches and with great humility asked for dignity and respect for those who have no voice but who have contributed to our great nation in many ways.

Our delegation met with Congressman Amodei, Senator Heller, and representatives of Senator Reid and Congressman Heck’s offices. Doors opened to the same greeting:
We are ready for reform! and all of our representatives answered: “We are ready too”.  It is a fact all of Nevada’s House representatives and Senators agree in the need for Immigration Reform. All of our senators and representatives understand the positive impact immigration reform will bring to our economy, national security and society as a whole.

However, our House representatives cannot issue their votes for immigration reform unless and until the House Speaker, Mr. Boehner, will introduce any of the existing immigration bills for a vote. Apparently, a miracle is needed for Mr. Boehner to take a stand on Immigration Reform. I believe in miracles and our people deserve them.

Inaction is not an option. Our country deserves to act according to the great conservative values of our founding fathers. Immigration Reform is no longer a political issue, it is a moral issue and a necessity. Can we really claim to be “One nation under God” when we have a sub class of human beings that may be victims of abuse and exploitation? Can we call ourselves “One nation under God” when our own children suffer the anxiety of not knowing if their parents will be deported and their families separated? It is time for all men and woman of faith to declare with loud voices that we are  “One nation under God!”, and all of our people documented or undocumented are people of God too.

Our representatives are ready for reform but they cannot vote. At this very moment we need to #PrayforReform that Mr. Boehner will allow a vote to come to the House floor.

Kathia Pereira is an Immigration Attorney, and a well-known immigrant advocate in Las Vegas. She has dedicated the last 10 years to educate the Hispanic immigrant community about immigration laws and their consequences.

You can follow Kathia on social media:
Facebook: Inmigracion al dia-Lic. Kathia Pereira
Twitter:  @lic_kp


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