#Latinos Must Grasp the Concept Known as Convergence

In my newly released book The Dimensional Leader, I briefly discuss the concept of convergence. A critical concept Latinos must grasp. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

ConvergenceDo you know what convergence means? It is when two critical points intersect with each other in time. I believe it is when your entire life’s preparation, the accumulation of ‘who you are” and ‘all you know’, combined with what you are currently sensing (seeing and hearing) converges with an opportune time; an intersection or entry point where opportunity presents itself for your promotion. This promotion is seized only if you can recognize it and enter into its new flow. The Greeks referred to this moment as kairos (καιρός), a word indicating “an opportune moment” to act upon an open window, which will usher you much closer to your destiny. You and I must be vigilant and discern when this time or day arrives, so we can take advantage of its offerings. David discerned his kairos moment when he “heard” Goliath’s threat (1 Samuel 17:34) on the battle lines. David, at this point, sensed his opportunity to act; the reason why he was sent to the battle-lines.

Convergence is a time of promotion; a time when you intersect with a key person or significant event in your life, which will propel you further into your destiny. Will you be able to recognize this day or event when it arrives? What are you doing today to prepare yourself for this appointed day in time? Convergence is not a once in a lifetime event; many opportunities for convergence present themselves throughout your life.

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