@LatinoTownhall’s Top #Leadership Quotes of 2014


I hope these leadership quotes inspire you as a leader… copy and post on social media as your please:

“Prize the person by praising their performance.” –Joel Garcia

“A partnership with reluctance is the leader’s compromise.” –Joel Garcia

“Legacy means that what we do matters; the residual effects of our lives linger and impact beyond us.” –Joel Garcia

“Truth is transient, going from mere belief to changing our current reality.” –Joel Garcia

“Success is not a place nor a position, rather it’s becoming the person you were meant to be.” –Joel Garcia

“Effective teams purposefully, systematically and creatively communicate on a regular basis.” –Joel Garcia

“Culture reflects the character of an organization, while strategy is the expression of that character.” –Joel Garcia

“Your dream is only an idea, desire is now needed to drive your dream.” –Joel Garcia

“Culture is created from the discussions we have daily, and the life we live thereafter.” –Joel Garcia