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The Latino population is rapidly growing in the United States, especially in the Southwest region but we cannot lead by sheer numbers alone, we must become an educated and enlightened community. The mission of Latino Townhall is to empower Latinos as transformational leaders with the capacity to permeate, influence and transform culture. Culture exists at many levels, our personal brand, our workplace and culture at large.

Our primary focus is to build healthy, thriving organizations with quality employees through leadership development, performance management, team building, culture assessments, and organizational development.

LT1IIn the past, we have offered various seminars, youth conferences, public forums where hundreds of youth and working professionals have attended to learn about leadership and improving one’s life. For instance, in one of our leadership conferences, we presented the Workforce Leadership Summit & Job Fair, where attendees learned workforce principles to acquire a job or a better one. Topics included; Economic Development & Prosperity, Cover Letter Writing, Resume Building, Communicating Effectively in a Job Interview, Networking, Building Social Capital, and Dressing for Success.

You may be asking, why an emphasis on leadership? Our objective is to develop transformational leaders who can first create transformation in themselves, then lead change and transformation in  their workplace, and influence the culture in which they live in.

Joel Garcia
Founder & Lead Coach
Latino Townhall, Inc.


5 comments on “About Us

  1. Would add me to your email list. You have incredible content. I would like to reflect it on my Facebook page. Where are you based from. (My son’s name is Joel. :).

  2. Hi Maria, I already noticed your input on one of the blogs and went to your FACEBOOK fan page and joined. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go to our website at http://www.latinotownhall.com/

    Thanks for your input, let’s see how we can collaborate together for building future Latino leaders.

  3. Chelsie Campbell says:


    If you could add me to your mailing list, I’d appreciate it.

    Chelsie C. Campbell

  4. drsoki meza says:

    It appears, upon a quick glance, that this is a right-now institute…keep going…keep doing…keep me infromed plz….drsoki meza, apostle and founder of Restoring Families Worldwide, phx.az

  5. Thanks Dr. Meza… it is a “now” school. The Latino community is in desparate need of leadership, mentoring and coaching… we are too old school, if you know what I mean.

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