Founder’s Note

Greetings and Welcome to Latino Townhall,

My name is Joel C. Garcia, the son of visionary immigrants Joel and Teresa Garcia, who came to America in 1960. My father was driven by the American dream that prosperity was possible in the land “flowing with milk and honey.” My father started as a field laborer, and worked very hard, eventually acquiring the field foreman’s position (boss) for a peach packing company, which he held for the rest of his career. As a boy I remember working in the peach orchards of Northern California hearing this advice from my parents, “If you don’t get an education you maybe doing these jobs the rest of your life.” Long days in the summer heat and numb hands in the winter months was enough to motivate me to attend college. Higher education did not come easy for me but through dedication and hard work I persevered. Through my parent’s foresight and personal sacrifice, I was able to take advantage of a grand opportunity to pursue and complete my bachelor’s degree, and later on my graduate studies. I owe my parents a debt of gratitude for their work ethic and encouragement. Now, I want to provide the Hispanic community the same opportunities I was privileged to have.

My modest background and exposure to higher education have helped me discover a new passion – Latino Townhall. While the name Latino addresses a specific community, Townhall, is the forum  where this community can regularly assemble to engage in transparent dialogue with itself and with others to discuss and learn its challenges, and to collectively contribute to the strategies necessary to advance the vital interests most Americans have in common – the opportunity to achieve success, pursue happiness, and access the American dream.

LT1fThe timing of Latino Townhall couldn’t be better. This expanding community has many needs; developing leadership skills for life and work, understanding social protocols and other areas critical to success. My passion now is to see the Latino community engaged and empowered to become great leaders transforming themeselves and their workplaces. Those in positions of leadership have tremendous impact and influence to lead change and transformation. Therefore, it is imperative that we empower Latinos as transformational leaders with the capacity to permeate, influence and transform culture.

The pillars of Latino Townhall are primarily leadership and organizational development by engaging this community by various venues to discuss issues of vital interest. This project transcends right or left wing politics and will inspire a community to express the highest standards of character, wisdom and knowledge, which set the criterion for measuring excellence.

Join our cause,

Joel C. Garcia
Founder & Lead Coach
Latino Townhall, Inc.


3 comments on “Founder’s Note

  1. Alma says:

    Congratulatns Joel for the excellent job that u r doing

  2. drsoki meza says:

    Joel, way to go! I also am a campesina kid…now an apostle to the nations! hallelujah. today i discovered your website. you have blezzd me to the core. i’m sooo proud of you for instituting your vision…certainly God is with you!!…drsoki meza, apostle and founder Restoring Families Worldwide

  3. Dr. Meza,

    Thanks for the encouraging note… it’s hasn’t been easy. Funding is the most challenging endeavor… administration, etc. has been fairly easy. Let’s keep in touch. Email me for my cell number. Thanks!

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