Founder’s Bio

LTProfile1Joel Garcia, Founder and Lead Coach of Latino Townhall, has over 22 years of experience developing leaders and building high performance teams. The breadth and depth of Joel’s work experience extends from the profit (business) to non-profit sectors (ministry and education), and the public sector (law enforcement). Joel’s uncanny ability to develop leaders has led to many of his direct reports being promoted to more significant executive and leadership roles. Joel has a proven track record of transforming work cultures and organizations by developing high performance teams through collaborative and strategic leadership.

Joel’s passion to see organizations transformed led him to earn a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in coaching and mentoring from Regent University, where Joel publishes articles for school’s Leadership Advance Online.

Joel has authored various books on leadership. Among them is Life Coaching for Teens, a youth empowerment tool to assist Latino youth to discover their identity, develop character and live courageously. In addition, The Dimensional Leader – The Leadership Strategies of a Shepherd Boy discusses how leaders can create the right attitude and aptitude for personal breakthrough by overcoming limiting mindsets that hinder one from achieving an ultimate goal.

Joel created Latino Townhall as an organizational performance and coaching organization focusing on life and leadership development among the growing population of Hispanics. As a public speaker, Joel has engaged the Latino community in Las Vegas through various methods; public forums, seminars and conferences geared to empowering Latinos as transformational leaders with the capacity to permeate, influence and transform culture. Culture, in his opinion, has various degrees, ranging from cultivating one’s personal brand, transforming the workplace and impacting the community at large.


For Latino Townhall’s services and products, you can contact Joel via email at or by calling his office. See Contacts.


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