Workforce Development


Joel’s combined experience in the marketplace and his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in Coaching and Mentoring, has provided him a passion and proven track record for developing leaders, building high performance teams, assessing and reconfiguring work cultures to perform at peak performance. Latino Townhall offers services in the following categories:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Promotion Readiness
  • Talent Management
  • Team Building
  • Work Culture Development

Organizational Leadership:

I am providing an excerpt from my resume in Organizational Leadership, where a passionate and proven track record for building high performance teams and reconfiguiring work cultures is evident.

Financial Industry – Office Manager II 
An Office Manager II (OM-II) manages the day-to-day office operations and performance of an H&R Block tax office, and serves as the front-line manager responsible for office growth and leadership development. An OM-II ensures outstanding client service, sets office goals and drives daily performance to exceed goals
 by creating and executing effective B2B marketing strategies. An OM-II exceeds over 1,600 accounts.

Highlight: Our 2014 office rating: third in sales performance in the N. Las Vegas, a District of 23 stores.

Staffing – Senior Sales Manager
As Senior Sales Manager my responsibilities included the design and execution of B2B marketing strategies, which brought our unique brand to the forefront of marketplace demands in the staffing industry. Also implemented digital media strategies by developing brand awareness, attracting inbound traffic, which cultivated leads and sales. 

And provided strategic thinking and team training for staff.

Financial Industry – General Manager
My primary responsibilities comprised the overall strategy of the store’s performance, growth and profit creation; ensured the daily operations of the store were running at peak performance by supervising and developing staff members; enjoyed building the company brand by enhancing customer relations and loyalty to product and services. 

Other functions included, opening and closing functions, customer service, loaning, account management, and executing B2B marketing strategies. Multi-unit experience.

Highlight: As Store Manager, our team took a “new” store nationwide from #41 to #2 within five months.

References available upon request


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