Excerpt from @LatinoTownhall’s Workshop with #Latino Youth by Pastor Christian Falcon

Summary of what was spoken at the 11th Annual Lawrence Weekly Latino Youth Summit in Las Vegas:


An old proverb says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work he will serve before kings and not before obscure men.” Notice it says a skilled man and not a talented man. Therefore, a skilled person who does an excellent job will serve among the great, because the great is looking for such men and women. But there will be obstacles that a skilled man or woman will face.

The first obstacle is comparison. If Margaret Thatcher compared herself to others, mainly male predecessors, she would never have been the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Next is the obstacle of fear. What do Bill gates, Steve jobs, and Sam Walton have in common? They conquered their fear. They conquered the fear of embarrassment, the fear of failure, and the fear of being different. Now, they are household names.

The final obstacle Latinos will face is that of rejection. My father, for example, was denied a manager’s position in the Department of Transportation. He kept trying, and finally attained his goal. Now, he is the first Hispanic of manager of D.O.T. in the West Coast.

Christian Falcon, at twenty-two years of age, is an ordained minister whose vision is to see people touched, transformed and closer to Jesus Christ. From the age of 14 he started traveling to various places in the United States, South America and Europe to preach in various congregations, feed the poor and cloth the naked. The result; people saved, healed, delivered and transformed in Christ. Now Christian is the Pastor if ICDN and Fernando Foundation Power Soccer in Atlanta, Georgia.