Everybody Needs a Coach at Some Point

Coaching, in its many forms, is simply creating a trust relationship with someone for the purpose of optimizing relational exchanges, thereby, facilitating learning, building more self-awareness, sharpening personal and leadership skills to produce excellent outcomes.

Coaching transforms lives by giving on the spot real time feedback, where the person being coached can make reasonable choices in the moment to adjust decision-making and behavior. Effective coaching facilitates a person’s transformation by producing new thinking coupled with new actions. If you desire to advance from your current state of “being and doing” you will most certainly need a coach to launch you to the next level. Latino Townhall offers the following coaching services:

Life Coaching: This type of coaching identifies personal restraints, then seeks to build strategies to bring the individual into greater realms of self-awareness and life purpose, so the individual can access and experience living at a higher level.

Leadership Coaching: In the end results matter to your supervisor, shareholders and consumers. To lead others you must gain their respect and trust so you can harness their collective power to garner greater results. A leader must learn to create an environment where team members can be empowered to enhance overall team performance, thus moving the agenda of the organization forward with superiror performance.

Strategic Coaching: Learning to gain perspective is everything! This type of coaching increases strategic thinking and implementation skills, which helps the individual move his or her business in the right direction by going through a three-point process to gain greater depths of perspective; these three perspectives are mastering hindsight, foresight and insight principles.

Transitional Coaching: Many individuals are challenged while transitioning from High School to college, from one job to another, mid-life crises, even transitioning from a career into retirement. Transitional Coaching helps individuals think through the ramifications of transition, then finding solutions for moving with success through these cyclical and common transitions. Transitional Coaching is about understanding and coping with loss, then engaging new strategies as you move into the next phase of your life. The goal of Transitional Coaching is helping individuals experience a “culture shift” rather than a “culture shock” as they move into a new season of their lives.

7 Reasons to Acquire a Coach:
1. Coaching engages your untapped potential.
2. Coaching increases self-awareness.
3. Coaching builds your confidence as a leader.
4. Coaching increases learning capabilities.
5. Coaching sharpens your personal skills.
6. Coaching fine-tunes your social competencies.
7. Coaching takes you to a whole new level in “doing” and “being.”

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Walk Around the Elephant

When you think of an elephant what’s the first impression or thoughts that come to mind? My sense is something that is big, heavy, slow, rugged and wrinkled. These characteristics remind of me middle to old age, would you agree? You know that place around our mid-fifties or so. Yes, I’m approaching the spot. I just couldn’t resist talking about this unpopular subject as we transition onto another year. Actually, old age shows up quite earlier than you and I would like to acknowledge. I remember turning forty years old, and soon after my daughter looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes. I asked, “What’s wrong?” She responded, “It’s sad to see you aging, dad.” That was the first time someone made reference to my aging.

So what’s the big deal about aging anyway? There must be a time in life when reality sets in and we come to grips that life is ebbing away faster than we like to acknowledge. In other words, the life we got left is a lot shorter than the life we’ve already lived, and concede, “Wow, life has brushed by so fast. The rest must go faster.” So instead of living, we pause for a moment to consider death’s approach. Let’s just make sure we don’t stay there for too long.

So how does one handle the aging blues? Some people spend lots of money making themselves look younger but they still can’t change their aging problem. “Facts are stubborn things” one once quipped. So I’ve come to a simple conclusion – walk around the elephant. We can’t avoid aging, the sag and wrinkles, but we can still enjoy life in every precious moment of each day.