Spring into Optimism

“Optimism is an attitude that shows up around springtime.” –Joel Garcia

The Spring season is my favorite time of year. Have you ever noticed how people’s attitudes change around springtime? It’s a time to enjoy better weather and sunshine, to get into that garden to plant your favorite plants or vegetables, to hike or work out in the open air. Most certainly, springtime has a way of changing people’s attitudes.


5 Twitter Touchpoints

Latino Townhall had only been active on Twitter for three months and acquired over 1,200 followers. This was done without all the gimmicks to acquire new friends fast. For me, if you are going to build a meaningful community this the right kind of growth. Twitter, like any other social media tool, can become addictive. Therefore, it is important to adopt some basic guidelines to keep your sanity without spending hours every evening on social media sites. When I log onto Twitter I try to keep in mind the “5 Twitter Touchpoints”:

Touch Point #1 – Post 5 Substantive Posts

Twitter is a social media phenomenon used for many reasons; one of those reasons is to pass on Tweets that inform others and can potentially draw clients. Also, Twitter is a social network where you can follow and update your friends. When you log on try to post five substantive posts that will inform and draw a loyal audience.

Touch Point #2 – Retweet 5 People

I have learned that retweeting likeminded and interesting information not only affirms others; it reveals your values. Retweets garner you appreciation from the source of that Tweet, and helps you build a stronger relationship with that person.

Touch Point #3 – Reply to 5 Tweets

The “Reply” link is next to the “Retweet” link. Try to reply to at least 5 Tweets that draw your attention; it is fun as long as you keep it friendly. This creates a friendly dialogue with your followers. If you dare to challenge someone’s thinking do it in a friendly, non-combative way.

Touch Point #4 – Follow 5 New Friends

I try not to follow “just anyone” but only those who I think can benefit from my information, services and friendship, and likewise I can benefit from their posts. So when I log on, I tend to follow at least 5 other Twitterers.

Touch Point #5 – Direct Message 5 Twitter Friends

Direct Messaging (DM) is a private conversation with your friends. It’s a good place to pass on information to your followers that you may not want all over Twitterland. My DM’s tend to be more personal exchanges such as phone numbers, emails, job information, and potential business “meet ups”, etc.

These Touch Points limit me to @ 30 to 40 minutes on Twitter, and my wife doesn’t have to play Bejeweled for the rest of the evening on Facebook – LOL! This information maybe conventional wisdom by now, nevertheless, these insights are derived from my personal experience on Twitter.

Do you have another Twitter Touch Point you would like to share with others?